• Dolphins start the protective fender
    • JF Aerial view
    • Breasting Dolphin
    • Guide ferries in
    • Broken Wood dolphin
    • Wood v FRP
    • Ferry impact on dolphin
    • J Ferries in slips 2
    • Dolphins at start of ferry terminal guidewalls
    • Breasting Dolphin in action
    • Driving a Pile
    • J Ferries in slips
    • Approach to terminal with the Dolphins as the guides
    • Technology Comparion - Old wood, New FRP
    • Driving Pile while Ferry docks at terminal
    • mooring dolphin

    Jamestown Ferry, James River, VA

    Scotland Ferry have used large wood pile clusters for guiding the ferries into the terminals; and every year, they have to replace damaged and rotting piles. The monopolies bend, but don’t break during ferry impact. The increased structural capacity and the corrosion resistance greatly reduce maintenance costs.

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