Get The Pedestrian Access You Need With The Only Product That Won't Exceed Load Capacity 

    More and more Americans are taking to the streets—by foot and bicycle. What they need is access. The problem? Narrow, aging pedestrian walkways, high maintenance costs and the inability of conventional materials to support increasing load requirements. FiberSPAN-C, a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite sidewalk system allows a lightweight pedestrian bridge to be cantilevered off a vehicle bridge. The cost effective FRP panels are 80 percent lighter than reinforced concrete panels. Prefabrication makes construction quicker and installation costs lower. FRP’s corrosion resistance to chemicals and water means zero maintenance for a structure that will last nearly 100 years. These features make FiberSPAN-C ideal for replacing existing, narrow concrete sidewalks or adding new bicycle/pedestrian paths.


    Why Its Different

    • High-strength, lightweight FRP deck construction allows design engineers to tie into an existing structure with minimal increase in dead load.
    • Engineered with FRP decking, steel supports and railings to provide a safe and cost-effective solution.
    • Prefabrication accelerates construction, delivers high quality parts and reduces installation costs.
    • Weighing 80 percent lighter than reinforced concrete panels, FRP decking provides a dead load of 4 to 9 psf.
    • The FiberSPAN-C cantilever sidewalk system consists of stringers, deck and railing that weigh as little as 13 psf.
    • Corrosion resistant walkway is equipped with a non-slip wear surface.


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