• 20-Completed-Bridge-Deck.jpg
      Completed Bridge Deck
    • 01-Six-Span-Historic-Steel-Truss-Bridge.jpg
      Six Span Historic Steel Truss Bridge
    • 02-Aerial-View-of-Old-Bridge.jpg
      Aerial View Of Old Bridge
    • 03-Old-Deck.jpg
      Old Deck
    • 06-Unloading-Light-Weight-Panels.jpg
      Unloading Light Weight Panels
    • 07-Six-Girders.jpg
      Six Girders
    • 08-Moving-Deck-Panels-on-to-Bridge.jpg
      Moving Deck Panels On To Bridge
    • 09-Facing-First-Panel.jpg
      Facing First Panel
    • 10-Placing-Panel.jpg
      Placing Panel
    • 11-Placing-Panels.jpg
      Placing Panels
    • 12-TeleHandler-Nudging-Panel-into-Final-Position.jpg
      TeleHandler Nudging Panel Into Final Position
    • 14-Spans-1-and-2-Deck-Installed.jpg
      Spans 1 And 2 Deck Installed
    • 17-Swing-Span-Movement.jpg
      Swing Span Movement
    • 18-Manhole-for-Access-to-Capstan.jpg
      Manhole For Access To Capstan
    • 21-Bridge-Open.jpg
      Bridge Open

    Rocks Village, MA

    Vehicle Bridge Deck

    This six span steel truss bridge in northeast Massachusetts has a swing span for Span 3. After with rehabilitation of steel structures and mechanical, the FRP deck was installed to keep minimize the dead load. FiberSPAN decking provided a prefabricated product to allow the contractor to meet an aggressive construction schedule. The deck panels incorporated many features such as railing post attachments, expansion joints, access platform supports and a manhole for access to mechanical systems.

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