• 08-Finished-platform.jpg
      Finished Platform
    • 01-FRP-platform-panels-with-tactiles-and-non-slip-surface.jpg
      FRP Platform Panels With Tactiles And Non Slip Surface
    • 02-Panels-are-supported-by-two-beams.jpg
      Panels Are Supported By Two Beams
    • 03-Light-panels-are-easy-to-erect.jpg
      Light Panels Are Easy To Erect
    • 04-Simple-bolted-clip-connection.jpg
      Simple Bolted Clip Connection
    • 05-Panels-have-cross-slope-for-water-runoff.jpg
      Panels Have Cross Slope For Water Runoff
    • 06-Railing-attached-to-edge-of-panels.jpg
      Railing Attached To Edge Of Panels
    • 07-Plaftorm-installed-in-three-days.jpg
      Plaftorm Installed In Three Days

    Chicago METRA Station,
    New Lenox, Illinois

    Vehicle Bridge

    Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) panels provide a long lasting and no-maintenance platform for this station southwest of Chicago. A light weight deck was selected to minimize the soil and substructure work since the platform was adjacent to wetlands. Installation of 67 panels was accomplished in just three days in freezing temperatures.

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