• 13-Expansion-Joint-and-Skew-at-end-of-Truss.jpg
      Expansion Joint And Skew At End Of Truss
    • 01-Bridge-spans-10-lanes-and-1-RR-track.jpg
      Bridge Spans 10 Lanes And 1 RR Track
    • 02-First-of-three-steel-truss-spans.jpg
      First Of Three Steel Truss Spans
    • 03-Start-of-FRP-deck-placement.jpg
      Start Of FRP Deck Placement
    • 04-Lift-of-a-deck-panel.jpg
      Lift Of A Deck Panel
    • 05-Deck-placement.jpg
      Deck Placement
    • 06-End-of-deck-has-expansion-joint.jpg
      End Of Deck Has Expansion Joint
    • 07-Clip-Connection-to-Stringers.jpg
      Clip Connection To Stringers
    • 08-Completed-first-truss-shows-deck-with-integral-curbs.jpg
      Completed First Truss Shows Deck With Integral Curbs
    • 09-Middle-truss-span.jpg
      Middle Truss Span
    • 14-Expansion-Joint-and-Skew-between-Trusses.jpg
      Expansion Joint And Skew Between Trusses
    • 10-Span-Erection.jpg
      Span Erection
    • 11-Walking-the-bridge.jpg
      Walking The Bridge
    • 12-Finished-Bridge.jpg
      Finished Bridge
    • 15-Looking-Great-at-One-Year-Inspection.jpg
      Looking Great At One Year Inspection

    Wolf Trap, Virginia

    Pedestrian Bridge Deck

    A three-span pedestrian bridge was needed to connect sections of the park by spanning ten lanes of highway and one rail line that are the main access to Dulles Airport. A lightweight deck was required so fully assembled truss bridges could be quickly erected at night with only 15 minutes of road closure per span.

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