• 1 River gorge and bridge.jpg
      River gorge and bridge
    • 2 Railing attachments drilled in curbs.jpg
      Railing attachments drilled in curbs
    • 3 Finished wide panels.jpg
      Finished wide panels
    • 4 Panels to transition between widths.jpg
      Panels to transition between widths
    • 5 Curbs; railing attachments; drainage scupper.jpg
      Curbs; railing attachments; drainage scupper
    • 6 Panels arrive at job site.jpg
      Panels arrive at job site
    • 7 Suspension bridge before decking.jpg
      Suspension bridge before decking
    • 8 Carriage for girder and deck erection.jpg
      Carriage for girder and deck erection
    • 9 Deck panels go around steel masts.jpg
      Deck panels go around steel masts
    • 10 Side view.jpg
      Side view
    • 11 Walking view.jpg
      Walking view

    Trail, British Columbia

    Pedestrian Bridge Deck

    When the City of Trail, British Columbia closed a century old vehicle bridge, they recognized an opportunity to construct a new pedestrian bridge. The Skywalk has been engineered to support foot traffic, a cycling route and a 4-Track emergency vehicle with a trailer. In addition to reducing installation time and costs, low maintenance made the FRP pedestrian deck a budget-friendly, high-strength solution.

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