• 11-Looking-East.jpg
      Looking East
    • 01-bridge-site-across-river-from-boston.jpg
      Bridge Site Across River From Boston
    • 02-steel-superstructure.jpg
      Steel Superstructure
    • 03-bridge-spans-RR-and-river-inlet.jpg
      Bridge Spans RR And River Inlet
    • 05-deck-provides-shear-stiffness-to-bridge.jpg
      Deck Provides Shear Stiffness To Bridge
    • 07-looking-up-the-east-side.jpg
      Looking Up The East Side
    • 09-Side-View.jpg
      Side View
    • 12-FRP-Curb.jpg
      FRP Curb
    • 13-Sliding-Expansion-Plate-at-Bridge-End.jpg
      Sliding Expansion Plate At Bridge End
    • 14-Faster-Than-the-Highway.jpg
      Faster Than The Highway
    • 15-Walkway side view.jpg
      Walkway side view

    North Bank - Milton, MA

    Pedestrian Bridge Deck

    A signature pedestrian bridge connects two parks and bicycle trails on the north bank of the Charles River across from downtown Boston.  The FRP deck contributes to superstructure properties.  The bridge has compound curvature so deck panels have curved shape.

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