• 15-Bridge-Curving-to-Center-Truss.jpg
      Bridge Curving To Center Truss
    • 02-finished-panels-with-curbs-and-wear-surface.jpg
      Finished Panels With Curbs And Wear Surface
    • 03-bridge-site-with-curved-steel-beams.jpg
      Bridge Site With Curved Steel Beams
    • 04-unloading-FRP-deck-panels.jpg
      Unloading FRP Deck Panels
    • 05-placing-radius-deck-panel.jpg
      Placing Radius Deck Panel
    • 06-placing-straight-deck-panel.jpg
      Placing Straight Deck Panel
    • 08-deck-panel-lift.jpg
      Deck Panel Lift
    • 07-curved-bridge-section.jpg
      Curved Bridge Section
    • 09-last-deck-panel-placed.jpg
      Last Deck Panel Placed
    • 13-Bridge-Opening-Ceremony.jpg
      Bridge Opening Ceremony
    • 16-Sweeping-Curve.jpg
      Sweeping Curve
    • 17-Center-Truss.jpg
      Center Truss
    • 18-Expansion-Joint-Cover-and-Drain-Scupper.jpg
      Expansion Joint Cover And Drain Scupper
    • 19-S-curve-in-bridge.jpg
      S Curve In Bridge
    • 20-Looking-Towards-Anacostia-River.jpg
      Looking Towards Anacostia River
    • 01-anacostia-river-park-area-in-DC.jpg
      Anacostia River Park Area In DC

    Anacostia West, DC

    Pedestrian Bridge Deck

    The Anacostia River Walk Trails are along both sides of the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. Two pedestrian bridges span railroad tracks to connect the trails in the park area. The bridges have S‐shapes gracefully address the trail layout and minimize the span length over the tracks. The West bridge deck was installed in December 2011 and the bridge opened in April 2012.

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