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FRP vs. Concrete Lookbook

See how FRP stacks up. 

Top 10 Facts: FRP for Pedestrian Bridge Decks
Fact by fact, we'll show you why FRP is a
great fit for pedestrian bridge decks. 

Pedestrian Bridge Lookbook

Images of our bridges, installations and more.

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Cantilever Sidewalk Lookbook
Images of our cantilever sidewalks in action.
Rocks Village Bridge Report
We performed an 18 month inspection on
our large movable bridge in Massachusetts. 

2018 Trail Bridge Lookbook
Composite Advantage trail bridge photos, project details and more.


Columbia River Skywalk
Photos, project specs and background on this double duty suspension bridge.


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20 Years of FRP in Infrastructure
Presented at CAMX, October 2015.
Lightweight Cantilever Sidewalk
Using Prefabricated FRP Structures

Presented at the 2016 International Bridge Conference. 
FRP Decks for Movable Vehicle Bridges
Presented at 2016 International Bridge Conference.


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Innovative FRP Solutions for Waterfront Infrastructure
April 25, 201

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Panels for Rail Station Platforms
December 5, 2017

Cantilever Sidewalks: Share the Road with FRP
February 13, 2018


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Quarterly Newsletters
Find all of our back issues/archives.
Composite Advantage in the News
Past and current media mentions of Composite Advantage and FRP infrastructure.